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It is that time of the year again. We have set our New Year’s resolutions and are ready to hit the ground running. It is still the first week of the year so many of us are still charged and ready to make those big dreams come true this year. Do you know how to set and accomplish your goals?

This year is definitely going to be different, you think. You will do things differently and definitely achieve your goals, unlike the other years. Maybe that’s how you have stumbled on this blog because you are trying to do it right this time around. I believe in making resolutions too, not just on New Year’s but throughout the year. I believe in goal setting because goals provide us with a sense of direction as well as a target to hit. They allow us to have focus and a point of reference for our achievements and success.

Why is setting goals so important?

We set goals because we want to become better versions of ourselves and this requires self-discipline and action. It is not just enough to set goals, it is important to do it the right way and take action to ensure success. Let no one lie to you, the only way to achieve your goals is through hard work, if there is any luck, it will be an opportunity meeting a prepared mind. How you set your goals, how you plan to execute them and how you actually execute them will determine your level of success.

Goal setting starts with a very careful consideration of what the desired results are and ends with taking massive action to actually achieve that goal. I have outlined below some tips that can help you set your goals the right way and achieve them. Let’s get to it:

how to set your goals so you can achieve them. Use these tips to set goals like a pro. #goalsetting #goals

1. Write your goals down

One of the most important things you can ever do if you want to succeed is to write down your goals. In fact, as a general rule, always put down your ideas in writing. Whether you do it in soft copy or on paper does not matter, so long as you have them recorded where you can refer to them every so often. Writing goals makes them feel tangible, it also ensures that you do not forget. You can’t trust yourself to remember everything all the time. However, it would be pointless to write goals down and stash them away and do nothing but hope that you will just achieve them. Make sure you actually get into action and do it the right way.

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2. Set goals that motivate you

Why are you setting goals? What you want to achieve by setting your goals is your motivating factor. Set goals in such a way that they motivate you. Write positive goals. Focus on what you are gaining rather than what you are losing. If you are setting a goal of losing weight, for example, put emphasis on the desired results.

These could be activities you have always wanted to do that you will be able to do once you lose that weight. What about that cute dress you have eyed for some time but it can’t fit you? Or the reduced risk of certain health problems. Focus on all the benefits of losing weight and write your goals based on that. The point is to have a goal that emphasizes the positives rather than reminding you of all the pain and discomfort you may have to endure to lose that weight.

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3. Set goals that stretch you

Set goals that challenge you to grow. Goals that require you to do something outside your comfort zone. There is no point in having a goal that you don’t have to work hard to achieve, there is no growth in that. Set a goal to achieve at a level you haven’t been before. Make goals that achieving would give you an adrenaline rush, goals that make you want to wake up earlier than you are used to.

Make goals that the thought of achieving excites you, then go on and achieve them. As the saying goes, if your goals don’t scare you, they are not big enough. Set big goals.

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4. Set goals that are clear and measurable

Make sure your goals are clear and measurable. Don’t say I want to make a lot of money this year, that is too vague to generate any real results. Instead, I will make 4,000 dollars in the next one month makes for a clear goal that you can easily measure. It is both specific and measurable. Do this for both long-term goals and short-term goals. Remember, vague goals only lead to vague results.

5. Break your goals down.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by goal setting. Goals should be broken down into shorter time periods and targets to allow you to assess progress, otherwise, you may end up feeling like you bit more than you can chew. For example, if you set a goal to make one million dollars in your business this year and leave it at that, you may be motivated for the first few days. But by the time 31st of January hits and the financial situation in your account has not changed much, that goal might begin to overwhelm you.

If the second month comes again and you don’t feel like you are making much progress, you may begin to think that maybe you set a goal that is too big. Some people even go further to revise their goals downwards or give up on the goal entirely.

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Don’t let that person be you. Break your goals down into smaller time periods. If you need to make 1 million in a year, how much should you make in 6 months to attain this goal? You will need to have made about half a million by mid-year, create your plan in accordance with your source of income. You could be running a business whose peak season is earlier in the year and need to make more money in the peak season than in the slack season for you to attain your goal. Tweak the details of your goals to suit your unique situation.

Go ahead and break it down from half year to monthly, weekly and daily. You could even make an hourly target if the nature of your work/business permits. How much money would you need to make monthly, weekly or daily to attain your goal for the year? That should be your short-term benchmark. This way, it makes it easier for you to objectively evaluate your goals regularly and make the needed changes promptly.

7. Have a strategy – Failure to plan is planning to fail

Now you have a goal, so what? Create an action plan. Strategize on how you will convert your goals from dreams and desires to reality. Think about the activities that you will be required to do to attain that goal. It could be you need some form of education to attain the new level you are aiming at, plan for it.

Maybe you need to start waking up earlier than usual, maybe there are some associations you need to change to be able to go to the next level. Whether it is a new habit you need to start or an old one you need to break, create a plan for it. You cannot expect different results by doing things the same old way. Have a clear game plan that will give you the desired results and stick to it.

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8. Track your progress

It is extremely important to keep track of your progress. Set regular time slots to review your goals and do it as often as you need to. Regular evaluation will help you to determine whether your strategy is working or not. You should stick to your strategy as much as possible, but be flexible enough to incorporate changes based on your reviews. Your ultimate goal will remain similar over the long term but your action plan can change as required to suit changing circumstances.

When you are evaluating your goals, write down what you feel has worked for you. Be sure to also write down what did not work, just to make sure that you don’t repeat failed strategies. The objective of the evaluation is to identify what is working so that you can build on it and learn from your mistakes. Doing this will ensure you hit some goals, you may actually outdo yourself sometimes.

As you are hitting your short-term goals, it is okay to throw yourself a small party sometimes. Celebrate your progress so that you stay motivated. In any case, if you don’t celebrate yourself, who will?

9. Stay the course, don’t give up

Ultimately, you have to consistently work hard and stick to your action plans to be able to achieve your goals. Executing your plan requires a great amount of discipline, persistence, and consistency. It is easier said than done, and executing is way harder than planning, but it is doable.

Stay focused and do what you need to do to achieve your goal. There is no dream that is too big for you to achieve, if you can conceive it in your mind, you can bring it to life. You will fail along the way, but when you do, rise up, dust yourself and keep moving. So go ahead and set those goals then achieve them and prove yourself right. You owe it to yourself.

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Have you set your goals yet? What is working for you? Share with me below and let us win together.


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    You have also mentioned one of my favorite quotes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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