Choose your attitude, take charge of your life


“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” ―Lucille Ball

choose your attitude-take charge of your life

How to change your attitude towards life

Your attitude determines the course of your life. You have to choose your attitude to be in control of your life. Whether you have a positive or negative attitude, your attitude can and will shape your life. Fortunately, you are in charge. You have 100% control over your attitude, choose a positive attitude.

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You are in control of your life by controlling your attitude

You control your attitude by controlling your thoughts. The kind of thoughts you allow in your mind determines your attitude. Positive thoughts replayed over and over result in a positive attitude. Constantly having negative thoughts will inevitably result in a negative attitude.

A negative attitude expects terrible things to happen. The expectation acts as a magnet and attracts terrible things into your life. A positive attitude expects good and hence attracts good. What you think is what you get. Watch your thoughts.

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How to develop a positive attitude

choose your attitude-develop a positive attitude

Here are some ways to change your attitude towards life and develop a positive attitude :

1. Pay attention to your self-talk

Examine what you feed your mind and your self-talk. If you constantly replay negative thoughts in your mind, listen and believe people who speak negatively about you, you will end up with a negative attitude. How do you view yourself? In silence, when you are alone with your thoughts, what do you say to yourself?

While you may not control the events and situations that happen to you in life, you can control how you respond to them. You can choose the lens through which you look at life. Choose the opportunity in every difficulty instead of the difficulty in every opportunity.

2. Expect good things to happen to you

Choose to expect good things to happen to you, expect success and victory in your life. Your expectations become magnets that attract the success and victory you desire. Learn to have a positive self-talk. Proclaim that you are strong, wake up knowing that you can conquer any obstacles that come your way.

Deliberately speak positively about yourself. Choose to think positively, if you find yourself having negative thoughts, don’t dwell on them. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, nature abhors a vacuum. When faced with an obstacle in your life, make a conscious choice to find the positive in it. It is hard, yes, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. Your life depends on it, choose a positive attitude.

3. Project positivity towards others

The attitude you project to the rest of the world determines the attitude you will receive from other people. Projecting a positive attitude towards other people will often result in receiving positive energy from others. Smile often, people will naturally smile back at you. Compliment others, look forward to a great day every day. You cannot get positive results when you have a negative attitude. Change your attitude and be positive, your life will be impacted.

You may have tried something and failed in the past, but that does not make you a failure. Do not dwell on the past, rise up, dust yourself and move forward. Expect better outcomes in your present and in your future. When you trip, find the lesson in it. Learn quickly and move forward. Growth is failing and rising above your mistakes. Correct what you can, leave what is beyond your powers.

4. Be grateful

Every single day, find something to be grateful for. When you actively seek out the good from your situations, you will find it. Finding something to be grateful for makes you a more positive person. You cannot be grateful if you have a negative attitude. With a negative attitude, it may feel like the universe has conspired against you. On the other hand, if you have a positive attitude, you will identify opportunities in situations where a negative person cannot. While a negative person is busy whining, a positive person is busy finding out how to make the situation work in their favor.

5. Never give up on yourself

Never give up on yourself. Do not speak ill of yourself, whether to others or to yourself. Stop yourself right in the middle of the sentence and change that thought. Say a positive thing about yourself instead. Say what you want to be, for that is what you attract. The power of life and death is on your tongue, use it wisely. Again and again choose to be positive even in situations that seem hopeless and before long it will become a habit. A positive attitude is a sure-fire way to increase your productivity and hence propel you to success.

A positive attitude is a sure-fire way to increase your productivity and hence propel you to success.Click To Tweet

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Have a positive day, Won’t you?

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10 thoughts on “Choose your attitude, take charge of your life”

    1. We all need a little reminding once in a while. I’m glad these were of help to you, Shan

  1. This is definitely something I’ve been working on! It’s a long time coming but it’s worth it to try and be more positive. Thanks for the tips!

  2. These are great tips. I can sometimes struggle to pick myself back up when something doesn’t go right. To help me get past it, I read the quotes I have written in the back of my notebook to instil a positive mindset.

    1. Quotes work for me too when I need a pick me up. I stick a number of them throughout the house where I can see them. You can find more quotes on positive attitude here

  3. I totally agree with all of this!! I also think it helps to look for the good in others. It will not only help you feel more positively towards them, they will likely react more positively towards you! No one likes to be around a Debbie downer or someone who thinks the world is out to get them. I also try to look for the good in any bad situation and pray and ask for prayers from my friends and family if it is an issue that seems insurmountable:

    1. Very well said, Jessica. Finding the good in others keeps us more positive for sure.

  4. This was the perfect article for a Monday morning full of tasks related to my new small business set-up. Thank you for the tips, yes, we just can’t give up on ourselves.

    1. That’s right, Yvette. We have to keep growing and taking control of our lives. Once you adopt a positive attitude, there is no mountain you cannot conquer. ‘I CAN DO IT!’ is the spirit.
      All the best in your business.

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