How to build a vision board- 7 easy steps to create your vision board


how to build a vision board

Vision boards are amazing tools for visualizing goals. Though it is not scientifically proven, many people have attested to the fact that vision boards work. I do believe that creating a vision board significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals. If you still don’t know the importance of a vision board, you can read my previous post where I explained why you should create a vision board.

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Formats of Vision boards

There are quite a number of formats that one can use to make a vision board. It really depends on your preference and what is easily accessible to you.

Some more common formats are:

  1. Poster boards
  2. Vision books or portable vision boards; you can use a blank art book or a fold-book.
  3. Cork board or bulletin board – use push pins or thumbtacks to attach images to the board
  4. Inspirational wall- you can tape or pin inspirational images and messages directly to a wall.
  5. Small vision boards in a planner – this planner contains a page for a vision board and a mind map, and I love it for all my goal setting needs.
  6. Online boards – you can use vision board design software online or create a vision board using Pinterest boards. These are especially great if you work on the computer all the time. You can set your vision board as a wallpaper or screensaver where you will be able to see it as much as possible.

The general principles of creating a vision board are quite similar regardless of the format you are using, however, feel free to tweak the process to meet individual needs. There is no wrong way to do it. In this post, I am using the poster board for reference but most (if not all) of the guidelines apply to all the other formats.

What you need to create a vision board:

  1. Time – set aside at least 1 hour for this exercise (it is totally worth it)
  2. A pen and paper, or a book.
  3. Poster board/ cork board
  4. Old magazines, computer printouts
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue sticks, tape, push pins or thumbtacks
  7. Markers (optional)
  8. Sticky notes (optional)

How to build a vision board effectively

Here are seven easy steps to create an effective vision board:

how to build a vision board

1. Reflect and refine your goals

The first and most important- step when creating a vision board is making goals very clear and purposeful. Most of us have a general idea of what we want in life. Unfortunately, sometimes these goals are too vague to generate any real results. Vague goals lead to vague results. Take time to reflect and refine your goals, make sure you have a very specific target for all the goals you have. Ask yourself what you are passionate about, take time to visualize it and make it crystal clear in your mind.

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Next, examine your goals and ask yourself why you are aiming at each goal. Why do you want what you want? What is ‘your why’? Does it fit into the big picture of the vision you have for your life? Is ‘your why’ resonating with your value system? Refine those goals.

As you do this exercise, you will realize that some goals are not worth pursuing because ‘your why’ was flawed. I personally find this exercise to be very powerful in helping me decide which goals I should chase and which ones I could be wasting time on. If ‘your why’ is peer pressure, of course, that is not a goal worth pursuing.

2. Write a goal action plan – make a list of activities and tasks

I have to confess, I am really big on lists. I make and remake lists all through the day to help me focus. On the days that I don’t have a list, I am literally all-over-the-place. It is, therefore, a no-brainer for me to recommend lists for this step.benefits of a vision board quote

You have already identified your goals and are very clear on them. So at this point, you list down what you will do to make them a reality. If you want to improve your relationship with a child, what activities do you want to do with them? How much time are you going to spend with them? Do you need to read a book on parenting? Ask yourself this questions and list your responses. Do it for all your goals.

Make the list as long as you need to. The aim here is to make sure that you have a clear list of tasks and activities that are essential for achieving your goal.

The first two steps are the most important and once you have completed these, the rest of the process will be much easier.

3. Choose the focus of your vision board

Having decided on the action plan, now you need to choose what your vision board will focus on. You can decide to make separate vision boards for various goals or do one vision board for all your goals. Choose what works for you and focus on that.

4. Gather the materials; images and text

Take the old magazines and flip through to find images, quotes, or phrases that inspire you to take the actions you listed earlier. Cut out the images focusing on one area at a time. For example, you can decide to focus on health goals first, cut out everything that relates to your health goals before you move on to another goal. Do this until you have enough for all your goals.

If you don’t have magazines, head over to Pinterest or search for images online and print them out. Obtain as many as possible which are in line with your goals and then select the ones that appeal to you the most.

5. Paste the images and messages on the board.

I posted this on my vision board to help me overcome indecision a few weeks back. It has worked!

Once you have all the images you like, use the glue sticks, tape, push pins or thumbtacks to place the images on the board.

Use the marker to label on the board or to write phrases that you like on the board. Feel free to write additional messages on sticky notes and add this to the vision board as necessary.

I use sticky notes to add messages to my vision board according to the challenges I am facing at a particular point in time. I recently realized I was struggling with indecision and decided to add a message on a sticky note to my board. It’s amazing how much difference it has made!

You can read about how I am overcoming indecision and getting out of my comfort zone in this article: I am out of the comfort zone and loving it

6. Place the board where you can see it often

Choose a location for your vision board where you can see it daily, or several times a day. It is not serving its purpose if you cannot see it often.

7. Commit to making use of your vision board

Now you have created a vision board, how do you make it effective? Commit to using it, really. Don’t put up a vision board and never look at it. Take time to look at your vision board every day, look at those images and allow yourself to visualize the meaning behind them. Allow them to excite you and fire you up. Finally, get on your feet and do the work required to make your dreams come true.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how you created your vision board. If you have created one before, did your vision board work? Leave me a comment below.


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14 thoughts on “How to build a vision board- 7 easy steps to create your vision board”

  1. I really love this, Debbie! I know how awesome and effective vision boards are, but for some reason I am so resistant to creating one! I love writing about my goals and visions and creating lists of things I want to experience in life, but the vision board is a block for me. I think it’s overwhelming to me to pick the perfect pictures. How can I decide what picture matches exactly what I want??! I think your tips will help release that block and just get it done already!

    1. That’s right, Christina. Vision boards are very effective, I have experienced it in my life.

      As for the perfect pictures, I personally find it easier to find pictures online and then print them out. Some are random pictures that you just find and they give you the kind of feeling you want, I usually save those in a folder until I need them. The other way is to search images based on the topic you want. E.g. if you are interested in travel, search using the name of your desired destination and pick an image that you like from those.Pinterest is a good resource for that.

      I hope these tips will be helpful to you

  2. Very informative , visual boards are better than trying to visualise something. When you can actually see something it can stick in your memory better, very well presented

  3. Awesome Idea! Doing a vision board is exactly what me and my wife do for our goals. We are just like you when you say you have to make lists to get through the day without getting lost. The layout of all the steps is very helpful when do a vision board. Thanks for the Info.

    1. Lists are life! I would never be very productive without a list.
      I appreciate your comment, Fred.

  4. Loving this! Vision Boards are the best for setting goals!

  5. I love this. I’ve been considering doing a vision board and this gave me some great ideas. The way you laid out the steps gave me a better understanding of what they’re all about. I’ll come back and have another look when I’m ready to get started. Thanks!

    1. Hey Tricia, I am glad this was helpful to you. Feel free to bookmark it for future use or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.

  6. Dini

    I love vision boards…I have a vision book but need to get that board..I feel I don’t open my book often to see my goals and dreams , a board would be helpful so I can see it each day and visualize more often…
    love your post !!

    1. A board is really good for visibility. Make sure you place it in a room that you get into every single day or even multiple times a day. All the best in your goals, Dini.

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