This is real life – 28 Day Writing Challenge Day 3

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It has been 10 days since I wrote Day 2 of this writing challenge and it does not get more real than this. This is hard! But really, this is real life. Life is hard, it is challenging in more ways than we would like to accept.

It is not just the big stuff that is hard to do, even the small things can be hard too. Like writing at least 300 words every day. Surely, how hard can that be for someone who actually enjoys writing? Well, I am finding out that it can be pretty difficult. There is a lot of responsibilities to work through, emotions to navigate, mindsets that need resetting, and a whole lot more things that present themselves as a roadblock to achieving that which I pursue.

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Now more than ever, I am reminding myself that I can do hard things, and in case you too have forgotten, here is a reminder for you friend. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!

you can do hard things -

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The hard things that you are dealing with may be different from mine but the fact remains that we can do the hard stuff. Does it mean we get it right each time? Absolutely not. I have been working on consistency for years! And I am still struggling here. Sometimes there is tangible progress and other times it feels like I am making 10 steps backward- as in this challenge. But then again, isn’t that what life is about? Ups and downs, hills and valleys.

I am choosing to rise up with each fall and move forward. No matter how lost the cause seems if I keep going there will be progress. The only way to fail completely is by giving up and that is not an option.

Remember to linger in the joyful…

Sometime back, one of my favorite human beings told me that the best way to face life’s ups and downs is to be intentional about taking in the moments when we are up and pushing through the lows. When life is going very well for you, it is very easy to just rush through it. Yet we tend to take the difficulties of life really deep. What if you took time to embrace the seasons of great joy, to enjoy yourself fully, and to create memories that will be treasured in your life forever?

You see, I have found that I remember the negative life experiences that I have had way more than positive ones. It is almost as if when great things are happening in my life, I am holding my breath waiting for the “catch”. Like surely, life can’t be that good for me, something horrible must be waiting to happen. It took this book that I am currently reading for me to realize that. I forget the highs too quickly and hold on to the lows too long.

I forget the highs too quickly and hold on to the lows too long

Now I want to change this. To embrace the highs, to soak in them, to tarry in the spaces where there is joy and push forward through the challenges. It is not easy, but it can be done. One failure at a time, one win at a time until I acquire the discipline and the habits that I am pursuing develop.

The only way out of a challenge is through.

So let us press on together, shall we?

With love,


28-Day Writing Challenge Day 3

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