26 Random Things About Me On My 26th Birthday

26 random things about me on my 26th birthday

Hey! So the 14th of July was my birthday and just like that, I am now 26 years old. What better way is there to celebrate than to share with you guys 26 random things about me? I am sure you can think of a few, but let’s go with this one, alright?

  1. I was born at home because my mum went into labor as she was packing for the hospital. She says it went so fast, it’s probably the easiest birth she had of all her children. I am pretty special, huh?
  2. I have two sisters and two brothers, one of my brothers being younger than me. They are the most supportive set of people I know.
  3. I had my first baby at 23. I didn’t have the kind of luck mom had with me though. Mine was a tough 19-hour labor that had my hubby totally freaked out. No more babies for us? We’ll find out.
  4. I am an introvert. As I am growing older I am becoming more comfortable with that and I have more confidence in being myself.
  5. I used to think there was something wrong with being introverted so I would strive to be more extroverted because it is what I thought to be the ideal “normal”. Not anymore. #winning
  6. I am currently reading Quiet, which is a book about the power of Introverts. It is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to every introvert and those who would like to understand introverts. You can get it on Amazon.
  7. I got married at 22. I do think it is a really young age to get married. But thank God it is working out just fine.
  8. My favorite color is blue.
  9. I thrive in solitude. I am most creative and productive when I am working alone. #introvert #selfcare
  10. I take time before I can warm up to strangers so I keep to myself a lot, or just stay close to familiar faces.
  11. However, I do like getting to know people and learn about the different perspectives they hold towards life.
  12. I love deep conversations, I don’t do very well with small talk. If it is deep then we can talk for ages.
  13. I prefer texts over phone calls unless we are really close. And no video calls PLEASE! Leave that for family.
  14. I love reading. Most of my books are nonfiction but I do enjoy good fiction once in a long while. You can check out my book recommendations here.
  15. I was a stay at home mom for 8 months and I was the happiest mother ever. I really appreciated spending so much time with my baby. But the bills gotta be paid so… If you are a stay at home mom, I got some tips for you.
  16. I am a dreamer and strongly believe in purpose.
  17. I am super emotional. Which I think is a strength, but it can be a weakness, like when you can’t control tears running down your cheeks in the office with a bunch of people looking at you.
  18. When I love, I love with all my heart. (ask my family)
  19. I can be really hard on myself sometimes, I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy and just one step at a time. I am also learning to appreciate rest more.
  20. Patience is one of those areas that need more work in my life 🙂
  21. I love talking to my mother. A lot.
  22. I laugh a lot. It compensates for all the times I have nothing to say in conversations. The story goes that my laugh is the first thing my hubby fell in love with before he even got to know me.
  23. I ask a whole lot of questions in conversations. No, I have no ill intentions. Just want to know you better.
  24. I am always happy to help. In any way I can, I would love to help. Just let me know what you need.
  25. Age 25 wasn’t the best year for me, it was hard, adulting got real but I survived. Someone said that the best year is always the next one so bring it on 26! Let’s put the lessons to work.
  26. I believe everyone has a story and I would love to hear it. If there was one question I would ask every person I meet it would be, “What is your story?”

On being 26:

I am really looking forward to what this year has in store for me. 25 was tough so a new age was very welcome for me. Adulting is getting real and I am actually feeling a little old. 🙂

It is a season of sowing and learning for me and though I may not be seeing any fruit at this point, I know that the lessons I am learning will be necessary for my next phase of life. I am therefore embracing every new lesson and every new challenge that is thrown at me every day.

My theme for this year was to let the Lioness in me arise and boy have I been tested on that! I hope that 26 will bring with it light and sunshine to keep me going on the journey. For now, I will hold on to the little streaks of light that I see every now and then.

I have not been posting on the blog as often as I used to because I am so busy and there are so many moving parts in my life right now. However, I am working on improving my schedule and creating some more time for the blog because I love sharing with you.

Speaking of sharing with you, I have a new post coming up that’s all about the lessons I have learned from my dad over the years. Make sure you check it out. They are life lessons that I believe every single one of us should learn and live by.

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What is your story?

Share with me one thing about you in the comments. I’d love to get to know and connect with you.

Lots of love and light,

Debbie – Streaks of Light

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    1. Happy to have you, Amy. I am so glad you loved it. Stick around, there is more 🙂

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