What Is The Secret To Being Successful?

what is the secret to a successful life
what is the secret to being successful? Find out the secret that they never tell you about + 3 things you can start doing now to get right on your way to success.
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What is the secret to success in life? I believe it is a question that has gone through everyone’s minds. Whether you are running a business, working in an office, in a relationship or a marriage, we all want success.

And, “What is your secret?” is one of those questions that never grows old. We all ask it at one point or the other

But, have you seen people who seem to be doing everything right yet they never really hit their goals? Have you been there? – I know I have.

What Is The Secret To Success In life?

Imagine this. You are a super positive person, well motivated, with connections to successful people, doing what the ‘experts’ have told you, but, you have nothing to show for it.

You are not alone, and today I want us to find that missing ingredient in your journey to success.

I am showing you the secret sauce. You will find the one thing that will stop you from wandering around in uncertainty and lead you to hitting your goals and being successful.

This one secret will work for you if you are asking such questions:

  • What is the secret to being successful in life?
  • And the secret to a successful business?
  • What about the secret to a successful marriage?

It does not matter which area of your life is in need of success, this secret works for it all. And it is so simple it will surprise you.

Remember, simple, not easy!


What do you need to have success?

how to be successful - three tips that you need to implement today.


You have surrounded yourself with the right people, some of the most influential people in your industry are your best friends. Don’t they say that if you want to be successful you have to network? That, you got right. If anyone needs help you are the go-to person.

Passion & Motivation

You have passion for what you do. Every so often, you attend powerful motivational and educational seminars to keep yourself motivated. Oh, and you dream big. Among all your friends you seem to be the most motivated, the one with a positive attitude towards life.

You have done it all right. And if we go by this article on SUCCESS, you have a vision, you are honest, you practice gratitude and you are highly adaptive.


You have nothing to show for it.

Is there something wrong with me?

how to have a successful life. Practical tips you can implement today to have life of success. #success #successful people #successfullife

See, there is nothing wrong with doing all these things that we have been taught about success. They are good things to do, but on their own, they will not get you results. Then you can’t help but wonder, “is there something wrong with me?”

One time I sat through a session where people were giving testimonies on how their lives had been transformed after we completed an awesome 12-month mentorship program. 

Their businesses had flourished, their marriages had been restored, lives had been turned around. It was absolutely amazing in the best kind of way. They were happy!

One lady said, “If you really want to know how much this has impacted my life, just ask my husband. I have become such a wonderful partner, my husband cannot believe it! And I have this program to thank for it. “

Happy as I was for her, I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with me.

I had spent one year in the same program. Nothing in my life had drastically changed. I was part of a powerful program that was transforming people’s lives, EXCEPT MINEI almost shed tears as I listened to the testimonies feeling completely disappointed in myself.

Something had to change.

I wanted to see results like everyone else. What was wrong with me?

Was there some secret sauce that I was not privy that could get me unstuck? I needed to find these answers.

When I finally did, I was blown away!

First, I had to realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with the right people, networking is extremely important.

Having a tribe of mentors is also something everyone should seek to have.

The same goes for having a great vision, a positive attitude and reading motivational books or attending motivational seminars.


and this is where I really need you to pay attention please, you can have all the mentors you want, attend all the seminars available, be passionate as much as you like, but if you do not take this next step, success will not come to you my friend.

What is the secret to a successful life?

The secret sauce that they don’t tell you about is, wait for it,


what is the secret to a successful life? Practical tips that will help you have a successful life. #success

Baam! Sounds simple right? Are you a little disappointed that you waited this long to hear the obvious? Think about it though, how often do you act (or fail to act) on the information you have?

I know I am guilty of hoarding. I tend to accumulate more information than I need before I undertake any task.

Often, I will get caught up in over-analyzing, and the information overwhelms me. As a result, I end up being well-read with no tangible results to be proud of.

You have to intentionally start taking baby steps by acting on the information you have already and making progress. I talked about that in my post on getting yourself unstuck and it is something I am constantly practising.

The only way you can achieve success is by taking consistent action.

That is how you unlock your gold, baby!

Action is what is standing between you and your dreams. It doesn’t matter how much information you gather, how well networked you are, if you don’t take action it all means nothing!

Whether or not you act on the knowledge you acquire is what makes the difference in your life. #action Click To Tweet

The Secret to Success: Taking action

Taking action may sound like a no-brainer to some but it is not. And the reason for that is that taking action is not really complicated, it is simple but it is not easy.  Remember what I said earlier?

After going to that motivational seminar and getting all pumped up, what did you do the next day? Once you put down that book that challenged you so much you wanted to fly, what did you do next?

Believe you me, motivation is not enough. I should know, I write about it a lot. Motivation on its own leaves no lasting change in your life.

If you are going to have a successful life, then you have to do more. The secret to a successful life is taking CONSISTENT ACTION on your goals and dreams.

So you want to have a successful life? Here is what you need to start doing now!

Action point 1: What you should do after gathering new information.

This can be reading a really good book (and I have some really good recommendations here) or listening to a wonderful speech, here is what you need to do:

  • Take note of the action points. 
  • If you identified areas that you need to make changes, list those down and set clear goals around them.
  • Make use of to-do lists and set a time frame around the actions you need to take. It gives you a sense of urgency and a deadline to chase. Deadlines work, but only if you respect them- but that’s a topic for another post. Self-Discipline.

p.s. :  If you need ideas on how to set goals like a pro this is perfect for you.

I also have a ton of resources on goal setting which you can find here. Some of the topics covered are:

  • how to set goals and goal setting mistakes to avoid
  • building confidence and overcoming doubt
  • how to get yourself unstuck
  • vision boards – why you need one and how to build it.
  • getting out of your comfort zone and many more resources.

Start setting your goals like a pro today!

Action point 2: Just start!

I know that many people have no issues with writing that to do list, but getting it done? That’s a totally different story altogether.

Setting goals around the areas you need to work on only solves the first part of the problem.

What if you are actually really good at goal setting. You set them consistently BUT…

You do not START working on them.

I want you to remember that the secret to success is really in taking action and doing it consistently. That is where the real change begins to happen.

It does not matter how well you set goals if you are not working on them it makes no difference at all.

If you are ready to start taking action on your goals, this goal setting planner might be good for you. You can read my review here.

What if I don’t have the motivation to take action?

I know many people who don’t get started because they do not feel motivated. So what if you don’t feel motivated to take action?

The purpose of motivation is to spur you into action. But motivation doesn’t last. Once you figure that out then you learn to take action even when you don’t feel like it. Focus on what you want to achieve.

What is your end result? Remember that the only way to get there is if you start working. Let that be your motivation. Be propelled from the inside not from outside.

Action point 3: Let Progress be your Motivation – If you can get it done now, don’t wait for later

If you don’t wait for the right time or the right conditions for you to get started, you will start seeing progress.

I personally believe that the greatest motivator of all time is progress. When you realize that your actions have moved you from point A to point B, you find motivation to keep going.

Here is how I’d suggest you do it, take that list of action points that you had written down, what is the easiest task on the list? Knock it off. If it only needs 10 minutes of your time do it now.

When you stop procrastinating, you make tangible progress. And that will keep you motivated for the rest of the tasks.

Get it done, okay?

The secret to a successful life is taking consistent action. Don’t forget that!

How to Start Taking Consistent Action

how to start taking consistent action.

So we have the secret to success figured out. But how do we put it to work? Remember from what I said earlier, simple is not easy. 

There are many challenges that can hinder you from getting the success you are looking for. These are the things you need to identify to get out of the rut and start taking action.

We have talked about how progress will motivate you. But first, you have to start making that progress. You gotta get those initial results that are going to keep you fired up.

The first step is the hardest. Of course, there will be other challenges down the line but it gets easier as you keep going.

You have done it before, you have seen results. You have had challenges before, they may not be the exact same ones, but you managed to overcome them. That gives you the confidence to face new challenges.

What you need to do to get started?

1. Overcome your fear

Fear is something that everyone faces at different points in their lives. You need to identify what your fears are, be aware of them but go ahead and do it anyway.

Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. A few years down the line, you will be glad you did.

2. Stop comparing yourself with others

Oh, the pit of comparison. It is a bottomless pit that makes you feel constantly defeated.

Dear friend, can you just stop comparing yourself to others?

Okay, let me explain it this way. If you are busy comparing yourself with others, you cannot stay focused on your own goals.

So just save yourself some time, spare yourself the agony and do you. Focus on your goals. Never mind if your friends are going at three times your speed. You are on a different race, so stick to your lane bro.

3. Stop with the doubts already, will you?

So there is this thing called self-doubt and feeling inadequate. It robs you of so much joy and energy that would have been better used.

Stop feeling like you don’t have enough skills or the right personality or what was that again?

Bless the world with what you have, someone somewhere is going to benefit from your sharing.


If you have ever doubted yourself, this is for you!
The secret to unlocking the gold in your life is all in the action. Take action today and watch your dreams come to life.

Now that you have found the secret to success

What are you gonna do?

To be able to attain success in any given area of your life, you gotta start taking action in your desired direction. You need discipline and sacrifice – lots of it.

But when you keep your eyes on your dreams and visualize what it is that you want to achieve. There is no stopping you. 

There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome because you know the secret baby. Unlock your gold!

Your turn

What is holding you back from success? Did you know about this simple secret to success?

Any lessons learned, additional points you would want to make, questions? Leave them down below in the comments and I will be happy to engage with you.

With love and light,

Debbie- Streaks of Light

6 thoughts on “What Is The Secret To Being Successful?”

  1. Hi Debbie,
    This is an excellent post, it resonates with me so much. I used to procrastinate a lot (and I still do sometimes) because I always wanted to have all the information before I started doing something. And the same as you, I got overwhelmed with over-analyzing information and not having tangible results. You’re totally right, nothing happens until you start taking action, and yes, it’s simple but it’s not easy when you’re coping with your own perfectionism which actually causes procrastination. It’s not easy but it’s doable, and more often you take action, more natural it becomes. Thanks for the great read!

    1. It is true that perfection is the enemy of done. Taking action is a daily journey and we have to pick ourselves up time and again but with every action there is progress.Thank you so much for your thoughts Blanka.

  2. Todd P Matthews

    Once upon a time back in 2011, I used to be a talker. I never took action. Always said things would work out for me and they didn’t. Finally, I buckled down and started to make my success happen. I became persistent, and no, things weren’t perfect and they never always went smooth, and that can crush motivation in some, especially perfectionists like myself. I’ve always stated that when motivation is low to ask my original reasoning behind wanting to change for the better. Why did I start this journey in the first place? It has always helped me recapture that motivation.

    1. Things will never be perfect but we have to take action. Thank you for such a powerful comment Todd. Always remember your why.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you for this great article on the secret to success.
    The answer is so simple, yet profound and deep,
    reminded me of a book I read many years ago “Execution: the discipline of getting things done”
    I have bookmarked this and and will return.

    1. I checked the book reviews for the book on Amazon and it sounds like a book I would love to read. It’s definitely going into my reading list for this year. Thank you!

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